Free Mentalism Trick!

Here is a free mentalism trick which has been around a long time and is easy to perform. While it is a common trick (they recently did it on the new TV show, “The Mentalist”), it still can fool many people and it looks really cool regardless. It can be practiced for a few minutes beforehand in order to learn it well. All that this free mentalism trick requires, is some table space and a twisted up piece of napkin or paper towel. First rip off a piece of paper napkin and twist it into a long, thin strand. Then lay it on a table or bar counter. Tell your friends that you are going to mentally move the twisted up strand, without ever actually touching it. Next, inform your audience you need to create energy in the table or counter in order for it to move. This, along with your mental focus on the napkin strand, will cause it to move across the table. Begin rubbing the table right around where the twisted strand is. Massage the table in small circles. Make sure to do it right around the strand. You are essentially drawing everyone’s attention to the strand by doing this. Everyone will now be focused heavily on the strand. Then proclaim you are ready to begin. Take some deep breaths or make sounds with your mouth that you are inhaling heavily. At the same time circle your hands in the air all around the strand, maintaining the people’s attention on it. Then suddenly stop your hands, and as the strand moves, follow it with your hands as if the energy coming from your finger tips is what is moving the strand across the table. So how does this twisted up napkin strand move? By simply letting out a small stream of air from your mouth! By lightly blowing on it, the strand moves across the table while your hands are right above it as if they are guiding it. The key to this free mentalism trick is mentally controlling your audience in two ways: Having them focus all their attention on the strand, and fooling their audible senses with your deep breathing noises. By focusing on the strand, they create a wall which blocks out their vision and attention from outside that space, hence you can get away with the blowing, visually. By making the deep breaths they are audibly programmed to accept these sounds beforehand, so that when you do blow, whatever slight blowing sound you do make, it will not sound out of the ordinary to them.

The mind is like time is like the mind. Like time, the mind is not what it appears to be on the surface. In the mind, we can replay a situation from the past over and over. We can predict an event from our past experience and intuition. We can even create situations in our minds that can be projected into any time frame; the mind is independent of the linear causalities of time in the conventional sense. Therefore, when we treat the mind, we must treat the mind within its own reality rather than apply conventional wisdom. You might be saying, “What good is that information? That’s just the imagination. The mind is nothing.” Is that what you you were taught? Whatever ‘authority’ gave you this information is messing with your mind. Your mind is the most important part of you. Your mind is a living, breathing part of you. Your mind keeps your body together in the same way time keeps the universe together. Further down to earth, let’s relate how the mind helps us: We can remember sensations and feelings; we can even project sensations and feelings in our bodies. These sensations can induce sickness or health, all created by our feelings and emotions which are very real. The way we apply those feelings and sensations depends on our state of consciousness. For each state of consciousness, there is a different set of neural pathways throughout your brain and central nervous system. The mind accesses a set of pathways like a computer accessing a circuit for performing a set of learned functions. As you know from learning as a child, it can take time and practice to open the proper neural pathways for coordination, quick reflexes and dexterity, mentally and physically. When you’re at work, reading a book, playing at a sport, or paying attention to a particular person, each time, each function accesses a different set of neural pathways throughout your nervous system. Some important tasks take complete, intense focus such as when studying for an exam or when learning a musical instrument.

For example, You need both halves of your brain for logic and creativity in application of an ambidextrous function such as playing music. Practicing mental dexterity opens further neural pathways. In fact, multiple mentalities can be trained as proved by Harry Kahne, master of multiple mentalism. He was able to write upside down and backwards with hands and feet while simultaneously doing arithmetic in his head and reciting poetry. I need you to pay attention to these strange facts. You see, you’re not different at all from the kind of people mentioned so far. You have all the tools that they have: The ability to open new neural pathways with positive functions. We are all born with primal functions that we need for survival. The secondary functions are through education and culture. You have learned positive secondary autonomic functions to get you through life and you’ve probably done them well. You are still accomplished, perhaps, not to the degree of an Einstein or a Mozart, but you want to do even better. That’s why you’re here. The problem is that there are unwanted secondary autonomic functions (aka, emotional baggage) that accumulated over time that you probably wish you didn’t have like anger, anxiety, depression, and stress. These ‘negative’ neural pathways like all other neural pathways contain their own sets of logic or critical faculties – especially when they are deeply imbedded in the personality. There is no amount of reasoning and logic from psychoanalysis that can bypass this mechanism. As I mentioned, the mind is independent of the constraints of conventional wisdom such as the linear causalities of time. Therefore, we must induce a state of consciousness that relaxes the critical faculties set forth by the “logic” of the person in question. Before we can “rewire” a new set of neural pathways for positive functions we have to bypass the critical faculties that deny you your ability to adapt and empower your self. We have to induce a trance. We all go into a trance to varying degrees. We can be focused on a person, place, or thing and shut out all other outside stimuli. We all experience a trance state between sleeping and waking. These are the best times for learning and inducing positive traits through affirmations or similar. When you’re in a trance another person can help guide you to induce more useful neural pathways. I have a friend with an ability to tune into a person and become them by changing her neural pathways to match theirs – even if that person is fictional. She told me that the best way to reach a person is through their own feelings and logic. Since I am not there in to help you in person, the next best thing I can do for you is by showing you the kind of power you possess through your own experience. Please follow the video on Hypnotic Youth Induction. And remember, time is like the mind; it shapes itself to your reality. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Is Being Happy Only Possible When You Have a Lot of Money?

The summer of 1977 I went to Chautauqua, New York to study opera and I was fortunate to find a retired high school teacher who gave me French lessons. He began his induction (I forget what it was) but I noted that my head started feeling light like it did when Janette put us under. The next thing I knew I was slowly bending forward until my head was completely drooped over. He came over to me a time later and said, young man, you are extremely susceptible to hypnosis. This is something you ought to check out. I bought his book The Amazing Kreskin and was thrilled that he autographed it ESP ecially, Kreskin. Kreskin was also purported to do such ‘mentalism’ feats as have someone concentrate on their driver’s license number or telephone and be able to ‘read’ their Thoughts and repeat the numbers they concentrated upon. There is some story of him having done something of this sort with some famous people, one may have been Carol Burnett if I recall correctly. My interest in mentalism and hypnosis returned a few years after college when I quit full time teaching and wanted more time to develop to my psychic work, and writing. I do believe that things happen when they are supposed to. It’s as Though our higher self and guides help to manifest and bring to us those circumstances, situations that will be conducive to our growth. Sometimes we are consciously aware of what we need to experience and we simply attract it via the law of attraction. Please Register or Login to post new comment. What are the Attributes of an Enlightened Master? We Can Change the World! Can Team Building Increase Productivity in a Recession? EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION — RIP OFF THE BANDAIDS!

Mentalism is a performing art that makes you think that the practitioner i.e. the mentalist is gifted with supernatural powers. It is very much like stage magic, and many mentalists add stage hypnotism to their act as well. Nowadays many people are learning the art of mentalism. Mentalism is performing arts that makes you think that the magician i.e the mentalist has supernatural powers. It is almost like stage magic and many of the mentalist add stage hypnotism to the play as well. In these days almost all of the people are learning the art of mentalism. It might look easy to master the tricks, with a bit of help you can learn great mind control tricks and the power to read minds. In this article i will show you and help you to become a master in the art of mentalism and become a skilled magician. But only practice and hard work can guarantee success. If you practice on a regular basis you wlll be able to amaze and fascinate people around you with your magic tricks. 1. Remember to keep things light as its supposed to be a fun act. Use humor to lighten the situation if necessary or you may end up losing your audience. 2. Its better to avoid strange flourishes or shuffles. Keep everything natural so that you don’t kill the whole idea of illusion. 3. To be a mentalist your first move should be to gain a proper rapport with your audience. You must have proper communicative skills to be able to persuade your audience into belief. 5.People may ask questions about your so called supernatural abilities or have some doubts be ready to answer them thoughtfully so that you wont kill you act. These are some of the tips that can help you master the art of mentalism. Keep following the footsteps of your favorite mentalist and become a star among your friends. Please Register or Login to post new comment.