Social Intelligence Coaching For Parents

To be honest it was tough deciding how much to charge for a course like this.

I want this to be available to as many families as possible.

Social Intelligence Coaching was previously a live webinar course offered to a limited number of parents. I have a waiting list of parents for the course and I knew I had a to find a way to get the course to all of you faster and more effectively.

I invested in an on-line platform to host the course. This is important because it means:

  • The course is available to you at any time to go back and watch the videos and review all the tools and exercises.
  • When your youngest child needs support you can get a refresher on whatever you need at no additional cost!
  • This course is yours for years to come.
  • You get access to updated content at no extra charge!
  • You don’t have to keep track of piles of emails to keep the content. It’s all on-line, in one place.

The price for the original Social-IQ live event was $297 and contained 5 learning modules. I’ve added to the course since then and it now has 6 modules.

To keep this accessible to as many parents as possible, I’ve pondered this and decided to price it today for just $97. That’s $200 in savings and you’re getting more valuable content.

That works out to be less than $16 per module!

As a parent, I know how much we spend on ballet and music classes and tutoring – which run between $30-90 per hour or per class. I spent $600 on an ACT prep course! I’m sure many of you have done the same.

Studies have shown it doesn’t matter if our kids are ready academically for college if they aren’t ready socially and emotionally.

They will come home. They will feel like they failed you and themselves.

For a fraction of the price of an ACT prep class, you can prepare your kids with the life skills they will need far beyond the classroom.

We have so many choices to make on where we use our resources. Invest in your kid’s future in this unique way and watch them soar!