Coaching For Parents

Although my passion is coaching children, I feel it is my duty is to coach parents. If you look at my Wisdom Coaching Page on this website you will learn why I love coaching kids so I won’t go into it here.

When I say that I feel it is my duty to coach parents, it is because it’s important that they have the tools, skills, and mindset to support their child and to also understand themselves in order to be their best version as parents and confident individuals. I love coaching parents that love their children so much and want to see them succeed. They see their child struggle with being sensitive and/or emotional and just don’t know what to do or how to help. I will give them the ability to support their child to manage their emotions so that they as a parent can raise their child with confidence and be the parent they want to be.

I am a certified CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute CTI. I am also credentialed as an ACC with the International Coaches Federation which recognizes CTI as an approved professional coaching school. CTI is the first and largest, in-person coach training school in the world, and pioneers in positioning coaching and relationship management as core leadership competencies. It is the first organization to be accredited by the International Coach Federation, and is renowned for contextually based, experientially driven, transformative learning. Founded in 1992, CTI has trained over 50,000 individuals in 24 countries through public programs (coach training and certification).