Coaching For Parents

What does the introductory session involve?

The 30 minute introductory session is a no-pressure opportunity to talk about and receive some support about whatever is most current in your parenting life. It’s a chance for you to see how I work and decide if there’s value for you in moving forward together. This session is charged at a reduced rate of less than half my standard rate.

How many sessions do I need?

Every person has a unique experience with coaching. Some find tremendous value in just a few sessions and others enjoy having a regular session, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as a way of investing in their well-being – for themselves and their family. I don’t insist on a certain number of sessions – we work it out together.

What do parents find valuable about your approach?

Given how much of our attention is taken up by family life, coaching offers totally dedicated time for you – something we rarely take but which nourishes us in extraordinary ways. It’s also opportunity to voice thoughts that ordinarily get given little airtime, and to be listened to without judgment. I’m told that parents find my approach highly reassuring, inspiring and empowering.

Is couple coaching relevant for all couples?

Although individual coaching for mum or dad is highly valuable, the optimal way to support the entire family is to have parents working together. This enables them to look at the dynamics of the relationship and how that impacts and supports the children. Couples coaching applies to thriving couples, couples in trouble and those who are separated and co-parenting. The aim is always the same – to be the most loving and supportive parents they can be.