What Makes A Youth Coach “Great”?

That may be a question I get requested quite a bit. I also am a bit of perplexed when someone that is a poor coach by most definitions known as a “good coach”. Before we will decide if a coach is “good” or not, we first have to determine what the goals of a youth soccer coach needs to be. The targets ought to embrace both football expertise targets and character building goals. Too many programs go to the excessive on both. The purpose of the youth coach should be to show the basics in a protected and technically sound manner. He should be organized and assured in his approach and abilities. He should make the practices and video games fun to the point that the kids look ahead to both. The coach ought to realize and respect his own position and lead by example displaying the very best potential standards of integrity and sportsmanship. He ought to coach the children up to their legitimate ability to compete while guaranteeing all players that meet minimal habits and attendance requirements play not less than some every game and really feel part of the staff. So ought to youth coaches be judged primarily based on win/loss data?

Partly but not solely. Teams ought to play as much as their God given potential, but we won’t ignore all the other factors that the coach ought to be judged on. If a coach is losing most of his video games year after yr after 12 months, something is wrong. I personally know one coach that has coached in three different organizations in the final 4 years, and has a 4-forty document. Is it doable that he had the worst team within the League by chance with three completely different organizations? The same is often true of good coaches, are they only fortunate yearly? Doubtful. My first teaching place was in a blind draft league. All we needed to go on for our choice process was the youngsters age and weight. So over time the teams are going to be pretty even measurement and expertise sensible, since we all have the identical number of children. Well in the 5 years that I used to be within the KWAA League in Omaha Nebraska, the Dolphins gained 6 League Titles (2 age groups).

Out of 20 groups the Dolphins gained 60% of the League Titles. The one time they didn’t win was the 2 times my teams had been one of the best due to overwhelming expertise and the opposite time was when the entire coaching staff turned over. Yes, they went from 1st place to final place after the coaches moved on in my closing 12 months in that League and earlier than I went to the single Wing. Youth football is way greater than who has the Jimmys and Joes, it has a lot to do about teaching, X’s and O’s. If it was all about Jimmys and Joes, why trouble having coaches at all, simply let the kids go out there and call their own performs. Or higher but, it’s all about Jimmies and Joes, if you could select between a soccer mother and Tom Osborne coaching your children youth football group who would do a greater job? Coaches can coach competitively in addition to meet all the other standards.

Unfortunately many of these that have nice records don’t play all the kids, they’re “win at all costs” coaches, they berate referees. However, it can be performed, the wonderful Durham Fighting Eagles Pop Warner Pee Wee group whose document over the 5 last years I think is something like 62-2 has carried out it. So does Jim Barg in Rochester NY, Eric Strutz in Stateline Illinois and plenty of others. I promise you none of my private Screaming Eagle teams has ever had a coach or participant flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct or had anybody tossed from a game. You may be an incredible sport and play aggressive soccer. I have also seen “good” coaches which have great data for a yr or two primarily based solely on expertise. They run their fastest child round end with little or no blocking for touchdown after touchdown and by some means they are an important coach?