More Than Just A Trick

As we now settle into the 21st Century we see more and more uses of hypnosis as a medical tool. It is a long time since we associated hypnosis with a white bearded man or a stage entertainer. Although stage hypnotism is still very popular, and entertaining, hypnosis and self hypnosis are much more mainstream and respected now than in the past. Since the latter part of the 20th Century hypnosis and self hypnosis have been embraced by mainstream medicine. Hypnosis is not only used as a means of pain control but is also a very important psychological tool. This is one of the reasons behind the sharp rise in self hypnosis products. Self hypnosis is used daily as a successful treatment for many ailments from allergies to stress. Self hypnosis owes its power to its unwavering ability to connect directly with the unconscious part of the mind. The unconscious mind merely refers to the part of your mind that thinks automatically.

Most times we are unaware of its constant activity. The unconscious mind is responsible for our automatic behaviour. The conscious mind is that part of the mind that we identify with the most. The conscious mind is the part of the mind that we use to reason or analyse life situations. You only need access to the unconscious part of your mind to make life-changing behavioural modifications and remove unwanted thoughts, feelings and actions. By gaining access to our automatic thinking/feeling nature we have direct control over our automatic behaviours. In general, it is our automated behaviour which drives us. How you behave is based on how you think and feel and how you interact with the world at large. This means that any behaviour can be modified, removed or installed using self hypnosis. By using cutting-edge psychological technologies it is possible to use self hypnosis to gain access to the unconscious part of the mind and remove unwanted automatic thoughts, feelings or behaviours. In a similar manner it is also possible to attain new behaviours.

In fact you can even program into your unconscious mind the same behaviours as the people who have what you now want. Do you think you could benefit from acquiring the emotional and mental patterns of behaviour that helped Bill Gates build Microsoft? By “mirroring” his thoughts, feelings and behaviours about success, through hypnosis, you can gain the same automatic responses, actions and reactions and theorectically get similar results! Just as the top athletes use the best hypnotherapists to fine-tune their mind for success, so too can you! The best hypnotherapists and self hypnosis CDs will clients into a mental state where they embrace and take as their own the behaviours of people they want to emulate. This is easily done if the motivating factors behind the behaviour are known. A great deal of time, money and energy has been expended dissecting the behaviours and emotional and mental motivators of high achievers over the last few decades. With a skilled hypnotist or clever self hypnosis recording it is possible to mirror these thoughts and feelings, which are the motivators and driving force of the desired behaviour. For instance if a client wanted more confidence the therapist would identify a person that the client believed was confident. Once the client had identified why they believe this person was confident (the way they move, talk, gesture, relax etc.) then it is just a matter of undergoing hypnosis and performing some simple NLP exercises to implant the same behaviours! This is also just as easily done with self hypnosis!

Therefore, brain waves predominately in the upper levels of Theta are usually ideal for interactive techniques, and most often include quite good imagery. DELTA (.01 to 3 Hz) is the deep sleep state with no dream activity. Although a person in Delta is ordinarily asleep, it is also possible to be in an awake hypnotic state in Delta. When this happens, the client is unaware of their surroundings, including all body sensations. The client experiences no imagery, and the only sensation is a blissful feeling of peace and contentment. In trance, the very low frequency of Delta waves is ideal for pain control. Most medical procedures do not allow sufficient time to induce this deep state, however many Anodyne patients can reach Delta during their procedure as they naturally fall asleep from the Theta or Alpha state. As a person enters the trance state they leave Beta and the controlling aspects of the conscious mind and move into Alpha, Theta and sometimes even Delta frequencies, the realm of the unconscious mind. Hypnosis and other techniques of inducing and utilizing trance states are very powerful tools for self-transformation. Process coaching is an easy and convenient way to learn to use these tools for yourself, to become your own therapist.