How To Use To The Power Of Persuasion To Sell More Products

The secret behind hypnotic selling is to integrate your own style and avoid becoming a run of the mill salesman, who tend to be average. You can do this by adding to some of the basic sales techniques you already know. When it comes to persuasion these are the most powerful group of words and all you need do now is learn to group them together. Remember to always put adjectives before nouns and adverbs before verbs as everything after the word makes up the sentence. Here are some examples on how to group these words together which will make your persuasion tactics more powerful. Then you can start to use your “awareness” power words such as aware, realize and experience which causes your client to do a mental process. Grouping these words together is a great to portray your message clearly and directly and be much more effective in your hypnotic selling. It is also important to create rapport with your clients and one of the most powerful ways. One of the most powerful ways you can sell your product is to use modern hypnosis techniques. Using embedded commands and confusing sentences are two more techniques to apply to have more success when giving sales presentations to clients.

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However, it does not seem likely that a person can remember everything without the brain becoming overloaded. Marilu Henner comes close.. Case study 2.Miss. O believes she has a photographic memory, not just a good memory, as she remembers what she sees and hears. She also remembers events from childhood. In college, she reads voluminous books and notes. However, her brain contains so much information that she feels she may explode, resulting in the need to take frequent breaks. She also believes she may have a malfunction in memory between short and long-term memory. Case study 3. Miss C believes that she has photographic episodes. She can remember what she reads and can see the words on the page in her brain. In addition, she recalls experiences with pictures, sounds, and smells, but not all experiences. Case study 4. Mrs C believes that she has a photographic memory, and remembers episodes back to her early childhood.

Recalling conversations among her mother and other adults are part of her memory. She remembers what she reads and hears, excelling in college due to these skills. Remembering telephone numbers and the faces of people she has met many years ago are very easy for her. She remembers being like a telephone book at work and being able to assist co-workers with this sharp skill. These examples of people who believe they have some type of photographic memory gives us a look into their brains.. Two individuals believe they have photographic memory with the third believing in episodes of photographic memory. This gives an excellent picture of people and their ideas about good memory and photographic memory. A sincere thank you goes out to those individuals from Hubpages and others who volunteered information about their memories for the case studies. It’s impossible to recover images with perfect accuracy. The myth of photographic memory. No one has a photographic memory.

0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi criSP Thanks for stopping by to read my memory hub and for your nice comment. You sound like me with my good memory and then a little lapse at times. I heard about “Still Alice”, but it sounds sad. Thanks for reminding me about it, as I should see it. The brain is fascinating, and I love to discuss it and hear the experiences of other folks.. Have a great evening. Hi Au fait – I am glad you chose to read my hub on memory. You seem to know a lot about the subject and have a good memory. Thank you for the reference you gave me, as I have a great interest in memory. I spent a great deal of time researching this hub and talking with and reading about others who have good memories. I admire your work and research.

Covert hypnosis exposed power of conversational hypnosis slideshare - 웹I know people with a photographic memory or what many of us refer to as photographic memory. I have myself at times had that ability. Like so many things, people can usually control that ability if they have it. It’s not an issue of remembering every detail of every event one has witnessed or experienced. It is a matter of choosing whether one wants to remember it and then doing so if that is the decision. I don’t know if my brother still has that ability, but I do if I choose to utilize it. Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Standford University, and a psychology rock star who has done extensive work on memory. I highly recommend learning about his findings. He is considered an authority on the subject in the world of psych. A very interesting subject you have chosen here. The study of human memory is endlessly fascinating. This is indeed a very fascinating subject.