Cultivating Astral Projection Through Self-Hypnosis

How can I succeed with astral projection? This is a question many that wish to venture to an astral plane will ask themselves. For some, interest in astral projection goes far beyond just reading about the subject. They are not solely interested in raising their awareness on a topic that is somewhat esoteric. No, their goal is to actually develop the skills needed to succeed with astral projection. Such a journey is not an easy one. Cultivating skill with astral projection is hardly easy. To remove your consciousness from your physical body and move to an astral plane requires the ability to reach deep within the self and extract your essence. Again, this is not a process which could ever be considered easy. Cultivating the mind so that you can reach deep into the layers of your consciousness to access your astral self could never be done without an effective and appropriate method for success. Thankfully, reliable methods do exist. One such method would be self-hypnosis.

The mere mention of the notion of self-hypnosis may be met with skepticism. A lot of people simply do not buy the notion you can hypnotize yourself. In some ways, this type of skepticism is understandable. The concept of hypnosis has been so erroneously presented in pop culture that few will take is seriously. Silly horror movies and bizarre nightclub acts do very little for boosting credibility in the eyes of doubters. However, there is great merit to the process of hypnosis. Hypnosis can reach deep into the recesses of the human mind and help alter the way the mind functions. For those wishing to lose weight, quit smoking, or improve their overall mood, hypnosis can be quite helpful. However, there are those that feel hypnosis might not even be remotely helpful in terms of accessing the powers of astral projection. To hold such beliefs can be considered somewhat of skewed notion. Hypnosis has numerous powers and abilities that can make the mind much more malleable to enter into the state needed to perform astral projection.

And why would it not? Hypnosis is rooted in the concept of entering into a deep trance. Such a trance will clearly be needed in order to access the astral self. Once the astral self is located, the potential to manipulate the astral self becomes possible. If the astral self can be manipulated and controlled then the astral self can be potentially released from the body. Hypnosis can employ various strategies for accessing the astral self and performing astral projection. The power of suggestion could be one method in which this can work. Through hypnosis, it can be suggested that it is easy to find your astral self. It can be described to you along with the cage that traps the astral self. Suggestions can be made to overcome the presented barriers and allow the astral self to escape. While there are no guarantees this process is easy, progress can be made with the right amount of diligent effort and commitment. Now, most people consider hypnosis to be a guided process. In other words, a hypnotist will instruct you on how to enter into the trance state.

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It is the hypnotist that will make all the required post hypnotic suggestions. In short, it is the hypnotist that will orchestrate the process. Without the hypnotist, could it be possible to enter into the deep trance needed to perform astral projection? The short answer to this question would be a clear and resounding yes. The process of self-hypnosis is nothing new and it is not really even more difficult than undergoing hypnosis performed by an expert. Developing skill at self-hypnosis, however, may come with complexities and challenges. But, developing such skill is possible with the right attitude and approach. There are numerous educational items which can be employed to teach you the basics of self-hypnosis. Books, audio recordings, and DVDs cover the subject quite thoroughly. Once you have gained a proper insight into how to perform self-hypnosis, you may be able to tap into your new found skill to perform astral projection. The deep trancelike state that self-hypnosis creates can prove to be the perfect conduit for learning how to perform astral projection. Those seeking such an effective pathway are well advised to give the process a try.