Coaching With NLP

Would you like to gain a top accreditation for your Kate Coaching?
Would you like to train with experienced coaching trainers here in Devon?
Would you like to hone your skills, gain new skills or change your life – opening up to a new career as a coach?
Would you like to develop coaching skills to enhance your leadership and management ability and get the best from others?

“The Coaching Course by Big Results is an intensive and experiential 4-day programme, led by experienced coaches, trainers and NLP Master Practitioners, NLP trainers”.

Gain the skills and experiential techniques, the formats and processes to develop your own business as a coach or to create meaningful change in your existing workplace.

For business, personal, life and performance coaching.

This fast-paced and experiential Coaching Course will cover:

The Essence of Coaching
– Unlocking potential, raising awareness, response”ability”
– Coaching Mindsets and our internal coach
– Skills to suppoort your life and personal development
What it is and is not
– Coaching landscape – what is coaching and what is not
– Goal orientated – the tools used in Coaching, and the GROW Model intensive training.
The role of the coach
– Learn the skills required to be an effective coach
– Effective questioning and listening skills
– Be aware of the use of effective questioning styles within the coaching process
– Structured coaching model on which to base their coaching sessions
Where and how can coaching be used in the workplace
– Using opportunities to coach and use coaching skills to improve performance, motivate and engage people.
– Understanding the wider uses and applications of work place coaching
– Identify challenges and potential barriers to success
– When coaching should and should not be used
Using Coaching for life
– Life-coaching skills as well as business
Pitfalls of coaching, the big no-no’s
– Learn when you should definitely NOT use coaching, and how to deal with difficult situations
Coaching Tools
– Gain a full toolkit of coaching tools to use.
– Defined models for coaching for all eventualities

This highly regarded course will be both practical and experiential, with lots of opportunities to reflect and practice skills. It will involve homework for the delegates in order to practice and review skills learned.

The outcomes will include a full range of coaching models for you to use in practically any situation, along with a clear structure for all your coaching interventions. You will be able to take this course and apply it to business coaching, personal coaching, life-coaching or performance coaching.

It is recommended that you bring to the course a selection of challenges and opportunities for you to be coached on. You will be working as coach, observer and client in a number of exercises, in order to benefit from coaching as an experience.

Available as an inhouse course. Please contact us to arrange dates.

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